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Banner Collection

Our Club's Banner was designed by Marty Pratt in 1999.




Furnitureland Rotary Club had a respectable collection of banners given to the club by visiting Rotarians and received by our members who visited other clubs.  I remember seeing them displayed during meetings in the late 1970s and early 1980s.   Unfortunately they were misplaced.  Rumor suggests that they were destroyed when a basement was flooded.  The banners shown here were collected since that time, and found in the bottom of a storage cabinet in December 1999. 

GSE Team Leader Bob Fowler (Furnitureland) returned from District 1140 (London, England) with a collection of banners he received during his visit in October 1999.   I became interested in finding an alternative way of displaying the banners.  To see Bob Fowler's collection, follow this link.

-Phil Morris

The Banner Collection

A GSE visit
from Denmark

frc-ban-gse-denmark-aarhus-n.jpg (22229 bytes)

frc-ban-gse-denmark-aarhus-sktclemens.jpg (20640 bytes)

frc-ban-gse-denmark-esbjerg-fano.jpg (18632 bytes)

frc-ban-gse-denmark-vinderup.jpg (24216 bytes)

A GSE visit
from Indonisia

frc-ban-gse-indonesia.jpg (17299 bytes)

Coy Williard's name is associated with
the 1997-98 President of RGBI's banner.

Rodney Huggin's son lives in Winston-Salem.

frc-ban-rbgi-huggins-cw.jpg (19324 bytes)

Phil Morris' has collected a
few banners on his trips abroad
and around the United States.

frc-ban-rpm91-elst.jpg (16817 bytes)

frc-ban-rpm93-kent.jpg (21711 bytes)

frc-ban-rpm94-hawick.jpg (19716 bytes)

frc-ban-rpm96-fayette.jpg (23738 bytes)

frc-ban-rpm99-vienna.jpg (28942 bytes)

frc-ban-rpm02-stmary.jpg (303521 bytes)

November 16, 2003
Trip for Rotary Fellowships
Source: Unknown
Moorehead City
North Carolina
frc-ban-9900-NC-MHCty.jpg (72682 bytes)

January 2000
Skip Nash
Fair Park
frc-ban-0001-sn-fairparktx.jpg (66387 bytes)

February 2001
Skip Nash
East Dallas
frc-ban-0201-sn-edallas.jpg (46256 bytes)

April 2001
Joe Carroll
Whistler, Canada
5040-JoeCarroll-Whistler.jpg (66827 bytes)

April 2001
Dwight Steed
Clarmont Sunrise
frc-ban-0105-ds-clarmontsunrise.jpg (68395 bytes)

March 2003
Bob Fowler
& Skip Nash
Surry Sunrise - 7690

April 21, 2003
Presented by Jimi Bamidele
GSE Team Leader from
District 9120 - Nigeria

May 12, 2003
Presented by Derick Grantham

July 28, 2003
By Gary Simon, celebrating the
addition of son Noah to his family
in the Spring of 2003

March 29 - April 27, 2001: A Group Study Exchange team from the Philippines visited District 7690.  They presented Furnitureland Rotary Club with these banners:
3830GSE-PH-Makati.jpg (66811 bytes) 3830GSE-PH-MakatiAmorsolo.jpg (67876 bytes) 3830GSE-PH-Makati-JPR.jpg (75805 bytes) 3830GSE-PH-Makati-RaseodeRoxas.jpg (79501 bytes) 3830GSE-PH-PuertoPrincesa.jpg (87821 bytes)
Summer 2001
Joe Carroll
frc-ban-jc2001-apt-cavaillon.jpg (476553 bytes)
November 2002
from a guest

May 2004
Presented by the GSE Team
from Mexico

May 2005
Presented by Mr & Mrs Casey
May 23, 2005

January 6, 2003
Hal Dobbins, Furnitureland Rotary Club's Ambassadorial Scholar to Queensland, Australia visited and contributed his banners to our collection:

"The wood object is the "Kenmore Object."
Each of the notches represents one of
the 5 avenues of service and
the Pine Veneer on top is a slice
of a pine tree that was planted in
1935 by Paul Harris when he visited
Brisbane, Queensland Australia.
It is the symbol/banner for the
Rotary Club of Kenmore (my host club
in Brisbane from District 9600)."

Thanks, Hal, for taking the time to get Furnitureland Rotary connected!

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