MEMBER MOMENT - will be discontinued after February 1, 2016

REV. February 8, 2016

  Thought for the Day Member Moment   Thought for the Day Member Moment
7/6/2015 No Rotary Meeting S&S Closed 1/4/2016 Forrest Mendenhall Deanne Ebel
7/13/2015 Randy Carda   1/11/2016 Karen Morris Todd Shoemaker
7/20/2015 Eric Abeles   1/18/2016 Phil Morris Don Redding
7/27/2015 Jim Adams   1/25/2016 David Ozmore Janette McNeill
8/3/2015 Mark Ayer Coy Williard 2/1/2016 Carolyn Thomas Forrest Mendenhall
8/10/2015 Bill Blue Jack Green 2/8/2016 David Pruette Discontinued
8/17/2015 Caroline Burnett Bob Fowler 2/15/2016 Don Redding  
8/24/2015 Joe Hellinger Ivan Garry 2/22/2016 LaVonne Rosbor  
8/31/2015 Ed Cross Phil Morris 2/29/2016 Danny Rogers  
9/7/2015 No Rotary Meeting S&S Closed 3/7/2016 Tiffany Sain  
9/14/2015 Geoff Eade Ed White 3/14/2016 Todd Shoemaker  
9/21/2015 Linda Faircloth Mark Ayer 3/21/2016 Gary Simon  
9/28/2015 Carlvena Foster Ken Fulp 3/28/2016 Dwight Steed  
10/5/2015 Bob Fowler Geoff Eade 4/04/2016 John Stunda  
10/12/2015 Barbara Frye Gary Simon 4/11/2016 Renee Taylor  
10/19/2015 No Rotary Meeting S&S Closed 4/18/2016 No Rotary Meeting S&S Closed
10/26/2015 No Rotary Meeting S&S Closed 4/25/2016 No Rotary Meeting S&S Closed
11/2/2015 Ken Fulp Bill Blue 5/02/2016 Matt Thiel  
11/09/2015 Ivan Garry Randy Carda 5/09/2016 Carolyn Thomas  
11/16/2015 Bradley Gibson David Pruette 5/16/2016 Andrew Timbie  
11/23/2015 Charlene Green Tim Ilderton 5/23/2016 Ann Wheeless  
11/30/2015 Jack Green Matt Thiel 5/30/2016 No Rotary Meeting S&S Closed
12/7/2015 Jamie Collins Barbara Frye 6/6/2016 Ed White  
12/14/2015 Tim Ilderton Carlvena Foster 6/13/2016 Coy Williard  
12/21/2015 Barry Kitley Jim Adams 6/20/2016 Richard Wood  
12/28/2015 No Rotary Meeting S&S Closed 6/27/2016 No Rotary Meeting S&S Closed




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