Trinity High School
Students of the Month and Scholarships 





Katey Collishaw, Emily Graham, Lauren Culbreth, Lauren Josey, Colton Robinson, Brandon Coltrane, Ashley Sumner, Travis Byrd, Robert "Bo" Osborn, Ashley Hicks


Hanna R. Johnson, Brittany Robles, Ashley Lem, Kristy

Craig, Justin Goff, Janison Dillon, Natalie Cummings and Bruce Rives (joint winners), Jessica Jenkins, Justin Bost

Lauren Sher, Trevor Spencer, Anna Smith, Jessica Armentrout, Micaela Hernandez, Thomas Rice, Alan Allred, Shelly Espada, Kenneth Niemitalo and Kendall Conley.

Justin Baxley, Amy Ledbetter, Christopher Cathell, Shannon Steele, Kevin Myers, Erin Pledger, Heather Bartlett, Jacob M. Simmons, Ellen Heath, Barbara Smith

Brett Andrews, Ashley Lowe, Amy Lowe, Shea Irwin, Sam Henley, Jamie Stanley,
Jake Stewart, Bree Searce, Meredith Caudle, Shannon Crater
Scholarship Winner: Jennifer Meagan Cox

Caroline Blair, Natalie Bouldin, Jennifer Cox, Amanda Johnson, Stephen White, Andrew Houser, Benjamin Keller, Kelle Clendenin, Josh Spainhour

Bart Atkins, Tammy Greene, Michelle Greene, Sarah Hayes, Precious Russell, Kristen Durham, Leslie Crouse, Jennifer Turner, Lindsay Gentry
Scholarship Winner:  David Oates

Jennifer Farlow, Dwight Shelton, Kelly Coggins, Chris Saunders, Erin Caudle, David Oates, Marla Winfrey, Erin Penrod, Jeremy Cox 

Scholarship Winner: Samantha Matthews 

Candice Price, Brandi Cecil, Erica Porter, Amber Carol, Jennifer Hudspeth, Tabetha Thomas, Samantha Matthews, Elizabeth Hernandez, Adam Houser. 
Scholarship Winner: Heather Barnes 
Rotary's Annual World Update Seminar, Whitewater, Wisconsin: Adam Hauser

Justin Winters, Robin Vermillion, John Cavanaugh, Michelle Wise, Steven Wolf, Heather Barnes, Erin Byers, Brad Penrod, Melissa Harvey. 
Scholarship Winner: Paula Blair 
Rotary's Annual World Update Seminar, Whitewater, Wisconsin: Brad Penrod and Robin Vermillion. 

Sarah Brewer, Jeremy Boles, Kyle Spencer, Deedra Oats, Bryon Coltrane, Brandi Morgan, 
Scholarship Winner: Gina Yi 

Greg Foster, Shannon Culler, Brandon Cox, Judith Bragg, Heather Helms, John Sappington, Gina Yi.

Misty Allred, Jason Barnes, Jeannie Beason, Heather Blair, Dana Crotts, Stephanie Riggs, Josh Sebastian, Dana Sink, Jason Lockhart.

Jeff Coltrane, Kim Spencer, Matt Phillips, Krystal Young, Shannon Moore, Erin Olshinski, Samantha Adams, Angie Davenport, Melissa Partin.

Melodie Watts, Mikelle Key, Chris Campbell, Jenny Maddocks, Joni Davis, Jason Smith, Kelli Sims, Michael Cosner.

The record is not clear as to a Student of the Month for December 1991. (phil morris)



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