Recognizing community servants who enrich our lives

Heroes Day

Heroes Day was first held in 1993-1994.


Denita Lynch, High Point Fire Department, 2017-2018
Charles L. Lanier, High Point Police Department, 2017-2018

John Griggs, High Point Police Department, 2016-2017
Petual Sellars, High Point Fire Department, 2016-2017

Raymond Blue, High Point Fire Department, 2015-2016
Bonnie Williamson, High Point Police Department, 2015-2016

Chris O'Toole, High Point Police Department, 2014-2015
Lamont Estes, High Point Fire Department, 2014--2015

John Antignano, High Point Police Department, 2013-2014
Robert Burchette, III, High Point Fire Department, 2013-2014

Kyle Pratt, High Point Police Department, 2012-2013
Glenn Clapp, High Point Fire Department, 2012-2013

Chris McGee, High Point Fire Department, 2011-2012
Terrence Garrison High Point Police Department, 2011-2012
Eileen Frazer, High Point 911 Officer, 2011-2012
Patrice Faison, Principal of Oak Hill Elementary School, 2011-2012
Donna Goble & Dan McMullan, High Point Regional Health System, 2011-2012
Tony Perez, Salvation Army, 2011-2012

Andrew Lanier, High Point Police Department, 2010-2011
Bobby Bulla & Kelly Burns, High Point Fire Department, 2010-2011

Craig Lewis, High Point Police Department, 2009-2010
Robert Templeton, High Point Fire Department, 2009-2010

Terence Garrison and Leland Neilson, High Point Police Department, 2008-2009
Eric Stroud, High Point Fire Department, 2008-2009

Christopher O"Tool and Sarah Hester, High Point Police Department, 2007-2008
Kelly Grooms and Bobby Fuller, High Point Fire Department, 2007-2008

Kenneth Knight - High Point Fire Department, 2006-2007
Lester Fortune - High Point Police Department (Reserves), 2006-2007

Ken Leonard - High Point Police Department, 2005-2006
Carl Walker - High Point Fire Department, 2005-2006

Robert B. Morris - High Point Police Department, 2004-2005
Frank Santora - High Point Fire Department, 2004-2005

Billy Kendrick - High Point Fire Department, 2003-2004
Sandy Vuncannon. High Point Police Department, 2003-2004
Mathew Brown, High Point Dispatcher, 2003-2004

John Olsen - High Point Police Department, 2002-2003
Daymon Tobin - High Point Fire Department, 2002-2003
Larry Yates - High Point Electric Department, 2002-2003
December 5, 2002 will be remembered as the day of the most severe ice storm in
100 years in High Point. Furnitureland Rotary Club recognizes the efforts
of Larry Yates in his response to the community crisis.

Al Dennis - High Point Fire Department, 2001-2002
Shelia Dianne Twyman (deceased) - High Point Police Department, 2001-2002

Travis Stroud-High Point Police Department, 2000-2001
Richard Trexler-High Point Fire Department, 2000-2001
Bill Hayes, Jr.-Boy Scouts of America Staff, 2000-2001
(In 2000-2001, club members were encouraged to nominate
a 'hero' from the community who is not a public employee. 
Bill Hayes was the first community recipient of the award.)

Patrick O'Toole-High Point Police Department, 1999-2000
Ronald Hylton-High Point Fire Department, 1999-2000

Hubert L. Hedgecock, High Point Fire Department, 1998-1999
Calvin Carter, High Point Police Department, 1998-1999

Darin Tucker, High Point Fire Department, 1997-1998
Terry Green, High Point Police Department, 1997-1998  

Kim Soban, High Point Police Department, 1996-1997
Mark Holmes, High Point Fire Department, 1996-1997  

Jay Yandle, High Point Police Department, 1995-1996
Scott Peters, High Point Fire Department, 1995-1996  

Mark B. McNeill, High Point Police Department, 1994-1995
Barry L. Tilley, High Point Fire Department, 1994-1995

Marty A. Sumner, High Point Police Department, 1993-1994
Thomas Reid, High Point Fire Department, 1993-1994  



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