The Service Above Self Award

The following members of the Rotary Club of Furnitureland have been awarded the Service Above Self Award in recognition of their efforts to promote the ideals of Rotary in the club, and in the community. The annual 'Service Above Self' award is the Furnitureland Rotary Club’s highest award.  Traditionally one SAS may be awarded annually, and an individual is awarded a SAS only once.

Joe Hellinger, 2019
Jennifer Campbell, 2018
Karen Morris, Todd Shoemaker, 2017 (?)
Matt Thiel, 2015, 2016
Eric Abeles, Todd Shoemaker, 2013, 2014 (?)
Charlene Green 2012
Janette McNeill, 2011
Barry Kitley, 2010
Joe Carroll, 2009
Bill Dyson, 2008
Randy Carda, 2007
Carl Stewart, 2006
David Pruette, 2005
J. Michael Lang, 2004
Malcolm P. Nash, 2003
Gary Sturgill, 2002
Richard E. Thomas, 2001
Tommy Rice, 2000
Woodie Cain, 1999
Geoffrey F. Eade, 1998
Robert L. Fowler, 1997
Coy Williard, 1996
Sparky Stroud, 1995
James M. Green, 1994
George Holbrook, 1993
G. Reid Marsh, 1992
Keith Sedberry, 1991
Bill Green, 1990
Richard Wood, 1989
Dale Britt, 1988
Marty Pratt, 1987
Stanley Taylor, 1986
Forrest Mendenhall, 1985
John Womack, 1984
Bill Wheeler, 1983
Wiley Rosenbaum, 1982
Phil Morris, 1981
Paul Brayton, 1980
Colby Walton, 1979
T.R. Hendrix, 1978
John Stunda, 1976
Tom Wiley, 1974

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