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The Rotary Club of Furnitureland is a 100% Paul Harris Club.

Early Paul Harris Fellows

Major Donors

The individuals listed below have been recognized as 'Paul Harris Fellows,' by Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation. Paul Harris was the founding 'father' of the Rotary movement in 2905. The 'Paul Harris Fellow' title recognizes that a gift of $1,000 or more has been contributed to The Rotary Foundation, or when such a gift has been given in someone's name. One doesn't need to be a Rotarian to be recognized as a 'Paul Harris Fellow.'

Until about 2000 club tradition used 'Paul Harris Fellow' as club recognition for extraordinary club service and commitment to the ideals of Rotary. Between mid 1990s and 2002 Rotary International and District 7690 'culture' shifted from using the 'Paul Harris Fellow' as an award, to using it as recognition of an individual's financial commitment to The Rotary Foundaton as a significant Rotary resource for 'doing good in the world.'

James M. "Jack" Green became the first member of the Rotary Club of Furnitureland to be elected as Governor of District 7690. His term was during the 2000-2001 Rotary year. On July 8, 2000 the Rotary Club of Furnitureland achieved the status of a '100% Paul Harris Fellow Club' when all members had achieved the designation of 'Paul Harris Fellow.' In 2008 Rotary District 7690, Piedmont North Carolina became the first of the approximately 530 Rotary districts worldwide to become a '100% Paul Harris Fellow Club District.'

Furnitureland was the 8th club in District 7690 and the 215th club in the Rotary world to become a '100% Paul Harris Fellow Club.' Rotary Club of Furnitureland continues to maintain its '100% Paul Harris Fellow' designation by inviting all of its members to become 'Paul Harris Fellows.' After January 2002 the record of sequence of when newer members became 'Paul Harris Fellows' became ambiguous and the club's archivist apparently let the practice drop.

Major Donor Program

If you remain involved in Rotary long enough your accumulated contribution to The Rotary Foundation continues to grow. When the accumulated contribution exceeds $10,000 a member becomes a 'Major Donor.' The following member of the Rotary Club of Furnitureland are 'Major Donors:'

Major Donors

David Pruette
Marion E. 'Marty' Pratt
R. Philip Morris, PDG
James M. 'Jack' Green, PDG
Keith Sedberry

-phil morris, 'club archivist'

Early 'Paul Harris Fellows'

Marcus, Lois Oct-2001
Thomas, Anthony Oct-2001
Norfolk, Richard Aug-2001
Hennessee, Stacy Aug-2001
Heard, William Aug-2001
Culclasure, Scott P. Jun-2001
Eade, Tami L Jun-2001
Carroll, Joseph Jun-2001
Stout, Ashley Jun-2001
Stroud, Nadine S. Jun-2001
Morgan, James Franklin Jun-2001
Nash, Patricia G. Jun-2001
Stroud, G. L. Mar-2001
Marcus, Stephen Aug-2000
Hinkle, Edgar B Aug-2000
Nash, Malcolm P. Jul-2000
Cutler, Ivan Jul-2000
Greene, John T. Jul-2000
Dove, Lu Ann Jul-2000
Edgerton, Doug Jul-2000
Wynne, Christine C. Jul-2000
Ilderton, Timothy H. Jul-2000
Chafin, Thomas Jul-2000
Ilderton, Linda M. Jul-2000
Carr, Michael Jul-2000
Hill, Jerry L. Jul-2000
Garland, Robert G. Jul-2000
Burg, Eric L. Jul-2000
Trexler, Mark A. Jul-2000
Bryant, Gary Jul-2000
Sturgill, Gary Jul-2000
Bowers, Ford Jul-2000
Lang, James M. Jul-2000
Blue, William F. Jul-2000
Amos, Richard Jul-2000
Welch, Thomas J. Jul-2000
Stewart, Janice S. Jul-2000
Simon, Gary Jul-2000
Womack, William S Jul-2000
Williams, Jeff Jul-2000

Carda, Randy Jul-2000
Steed, J. Dwight Jul-2000
Fields, Patricia B Jul-1998
Sedberry, John C Jun-1998
Cain, Sandra Jun-1998
Morand, Deborah S Jun-1998
Hoffman, Paul H Dec-1997
Eade, Karen C Sep-1997
Hastings, A Ray Nov-1996
Hendrix, Trela R. Jul-1996
Rice, Janet May-1996
Sedberry, Jan May-1996
Snider, Robert C. May-1996
Cain, Elwood S. May-1996
Stewart, Jim May-1996
Kosinski, Z George May-1996
Britt, Jance C May-1996
Myers, Charles L. May-1996
Thomas, Richard E. May-1996
Ujevich, Michael J. May-1996
Underwood, Barbara May-1996
Underwood, Robert May-1996
Walton, Claudette B May-1996
White, Linda C May-1996
Taylor, Gertrude May-1996
Fowler, Delores J May-1996
Hedrick, David S. May-1996
Godwin, Helen May-1996
Hoffman, Randy P May-1996
Garry, Barbara D May-1996
Ilderton, Nicole May-1996
Fulp, Kenneth B. May-1996
Abernathy, Joe May-1996
Myers, S T May-1996
Forrester, Thomas A. May-1996
Fields, Thomas M. May-1996
Mendenhall, Forrest May-1996
Eade, Geoffrey F. May-1996
Morrow, Billy Ray May-1996
Adair, Dan D. Dec-1995
Williford, Timothy L. Mar-1995
Stroud, J Travis Mar-1994
Sedberry, J. Keith Mar-1994
Brinson, Joe M. May-1992
Hendrix, Charles W. May-1992
Watson, Jerry W. May-1992
Rice, Ralph Thomas May-1992
Lehman, Charles W. May-1991
Hamilton, John Apr-1991
Pruette, David L. Apr-1991
Ilderton, Mike May-1990
Stroud, G. L. May-1990
Marsh, G. Reid May-1990
Schemm, George W Dec-1989
White, Edgar C. Dec-1989
Holbrook, George W. Jun-1989
Britt, R Dale Jun-1989
Garry, Ivan Jun-1989
Ayer, Mark L. Jan-1989
Gill, James E Sep-1987
Womack, Patsy S May-1987
Bell, Jack E. Apr-1987
Williard, Coy O. Apr-1987
Godwin, Horton Apr-1987
Green, James Marion Jul-1986
Martin, Barbara A Jul-1986
Fowler, Robert L. May-1986
Rosenbaum, Wiley May-1985
Pratt, Marion E. Jan-1984
Libertore, Anthony R Apr-1984
Ray, John C Nov-1983
Brayton, L Paul May-1983
Walton, Edwin Colby May-1983
Womack, John A. Jan-1982
Morris, R. Philip Jan-1982
Stunda, John F. Jan-1981
Wood, Richard F. Jan-1980
Hendrix, T. R. Jan-1979
Taylor, Stanley R. Jan-1978
Green, Bill J. Jan-1977

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